Donna Shannon

Editor and proofreader

for experienced and novice native and non-native English authors.

Whatever you write - fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, memoir, self-help, poetry, children's stories, etc. - I'll make sure it reads well for publishing.


You can let your writing flow...

I'll take care of ensuring good grammar, consistency, clarity, and format.



Over 17 years of experience enhancing all types of written work, specializing in book manuscripts. Comfortable working with novice authors and ESL authors.

Send me your Word document and I'll do a thorough review for consistency, clarity, and flow, while correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format. 

Send me your audio file and I'll send an accurately transcribed, formatted, and edited (unless verbatim is requested) Word document to you.


Here I am, hard at work in the comfort of home.


Inconsistencies and grammar errors really bug me when I'm reading! I work to eliminate those and other issues from written documents.


My changes follow your writing style. I use Word's "track changes" feature so you can easily see every change I make.


I also have an excellent ear for transcription and I type over 90 words per minute accurately. If you don't like typing, you can dictate your material and send me the audio files for transcription and editing.


I do thorough work and I deliver on time. I keep all work confidential, and I'm happy to sign NDA's.



“Donna is a pleasure to work with. She kept me motivated and focused. She has a great work ethic, and her editing speaks for itself. Highly recommend her.”

Alonzo “Lonzo” Williams, founder of the World Class Wreckin' Cru, the group that gave Dr. Dre his start.

Author, Not Without Alonzo

“I have never worked with someone who edited with such attention to detail. I know I can depend on Donna’s expertise and discretion. She is an efficient, flexible, and reliable professional.” 

Cherilyn Lee, PhD, RN, NP, CNHP 

Author, Written Before I Was Born

"Donna Shannon is professional, a pleasure to work with, and delivers as promised. Excellent writer and editor. I highly recommend her services."

Amir Ronald Glymph, Teacher (ret.)

Creator of  and

Author,  Roadmap to Math Success

“Donna fixed grammar errors and also caught mistakes I had made goofing up dates, which showed she really reads carefully. She even added in where she felt would make my book stronger. Donna works fast, and produces an amazing end product. I highly recommend her. Her work is incredible!”

Amanda Allen,

First-time author (Memoir)

“I was so happy with Donna's editing. She does not change the idea of the author. She makes the author's thoughts more clear and understandable.”           

Dr. Levi Pagunsan (ESL author, Philippines)

Author, The Great Health Controversy

“Donna Shannon was professional, open-minded and respectful in her approach to editing my manuscript.  She identified and corrected typos, misspellings, errors, omissions, and inconsistencies.” 

Antoine Lee, first-time author

All Things in Time

“I love how Donna can take my sentence and turn it into a paragraph.  Although she is on the East Coast and I’m on the West, it is like we are in the same room when I need creative writing done.  It is awesome that she can type around 100 WPM.  In one word, Donna is AMAZING!"

Bryan Franklin, Founder

Ms. Shannon is a high-level professional who thinks not only about punctuation, grammar and spelling, but also about the content – and its target audience. Donna is very communicative; she works fast and when she promises she delivers. I highly recommend her! 

Dr. Hanna David 



Got a question? Comment? I'm anxious to read it!


Requesting a free quote? Tell me about your project - if you need written work edited or proofread, include the word count; if you need audio transcribed, include the length of the audio. 

Send an email to, or leave a message at 424-262-1411. Either way, I will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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